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Imbolc Incense

Imbolc Incense

Recipe by Mère SouveraineDifficulty: Easy
Prep time



Make your own Imbolc incense to clear the energy in your home and prepare for the coming of Spring.

What You Need


  • Gather enough ingredients to last you until the official start of Spring. You may choose to burn daily or weekly.
  • If using powder, add to a bowl and mix. If using whole or larger herbs, place in your mortar and grind them together.
  • While grinding and mixing the above ingredients, focus on good health, protection, abundance, prosperity and anything you would like to achieve/manifest in this coming year. State your intent out loud as you blend and grind the herbs and then repeat each time you burn it through this time approaching spring.
  • You may choose to burn the incense on its own in a heat-proof bowl, atop a charcoal disk, or sprinkle in the oil of your oil warmer.

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