Repository of Thaumaturgic Knowledge

Integrity above all else

With the surge of Pagan*/Witch-related websites and social media influencers that have appeared seemingly out of thin air over the past few years, it is difficult for the serious practitioner to know fact from fiction.

The Repository of Thaumaturgic Knowledge ( is dedicated to building a digital library of reliable and easily accessible thaumaturgic and other esoteric knowledge. We provide free access to all Pagan practitioners, researchers, historians, scholars, and to the general public who wish to learn and grow.

To fund the upkeep and hosting of this resource we count on you generous donations from you purchasing practice supplies from our online store. Our Pagan Small Business Directory helps fund our Feather & Fur Rescue.

*Here we use the official definition of Pagan/Paganism/Neo-Paganism which is an umbrella term that encompasses Druids, Hellenism, Asatru, Voodoo, Wicca, Witches Heathenry, Satanism…etc.